This article will seek to review the responsibilities for a towing company in order to provide the greatest safety around a collision site.


Towing Company Responsibilities


Towing and Recovery  companies receive calls every day for every kind of incident on a roadway you could imagine. The most common incidents found on a roadway are the following:


  • Vehicle breakdown
  • Collisions with other vehicles or other objects (such as animals or pedestrians)
  • Single-vehicle crashes (such as being in the ditch) 


No matter what the incident is that requires a tow truck to be called for a towing service, Once a tow truck arrived on the scene there are a number of expectations for the towing company to have in order to ensure the highest degree of site safety for all persons involved.


Ensuring Site Safety


Oncoming traffic should be forewarned that there has been an incident on the roadway. A number of signs can be employed to this end such as flashing lights, signs, barricades, flares, cones or  persons acting as flaggers to prevent any additional vehicles from becoming involved in a secondary incident. The distance between oncoming traffic and the incident As well as overall visibility due to the time of day and location should be taken into consideration in establishing the site safety.  


Person standing by, other drivers, First Responders and anyone else near or involved in the incident must be protected from possible harm. There is a possibility of injury or death from malfunctions such as fire, explosions or failure of equipment that have to be taken into consideration and addressed  as soon as possible by setting up a safety perimeter around the incident.


Vehicle Recovery from the Incident Scene 


Vehicle should be recovered and put into proper position for towing or loading away from the scene of the incident. This will often require the use of a winch or other appropriate Towing equipment such as chains. the tow truck should come equipped with the necessary equipment to match to the size of the vehicle or Vehicles involved in the incident. In addition to being properly sized and equipped the tow truck and  equipment should be in good working order.  The tow truck driver should be well trained and physically capable of Performing the duties involved with the towing of the vehicle(s).  


Safe Keeping Vehicle and Property


The damage sustained to a vehicle in a collision can lead to problems down the road. The damage to a Vehicles wiring could lead to fires in a matter of days or even hours after the collision.   Damage to the main area or passenger area of the vehicle can also leave the interior and the contents exposed to the elements. A wrap known as crash wrap can be applied at this point for protection for the contents. The towing company should be able to fulfill the duty of this safety and securing of both the vehicle and its contents without adding further damage to the vehicle.