If you’ve been in some kind of accident or fender bender or at the very least have broken down on the side of the road it can be a very stressful situation. When your vehicle isn’t working for any reason having to call for a tow truck is just one part of the many things you now need to deal with. To make your life easier here is some simple tips of what to do when you need to have your vehicle towed.


Call Your Insurance Company


Your insurance package May reimburse you for any costs related to getting towed. However they may have restrictions such as needing to be a Preferred Towing provider for distance is on limits. Make sure to be in close contact with your insurance provider before your vehicle is towed so you know what to expect and what are the limitations that you would be covered for in this situation.


Take Photos


Take a few photos of your vehicle’s condition before the tow truck driver arrives and after the vehicle is mounted for towing. This kind of photo evidence is very helpful should there be any dispute over billing and services rendered or if any unexpected damages should occur when your vehicle is in the process of being towed. This may also come in handy with your insurance claim.


Request an Estimate


Each towing service has different methods for their pricing. Some will charge a flat fee while others may charge based on the distance involved. It is also important to inquire what type of payment they accept so you don’t get stuck when your vehicle is now fully towed and you’re far from home.


Ask Questions!


As the owner of the vehicle it is your right to inquire and know how your vehicle will be towed. The most common way a vehicle is towed is by using a hook and chain or a flatbed truck. Flatbed tow is considered more ideal because your whole vehicle is now being hoisted up on the vehicle doing the towing. In the more classic hook and chain method the hook is attached underneath your vehicle and could cause some damage.  You may not have much choice depending on what vehicle arrives to do the towing and the nature of why you need a tow.  


Know Where Your Vehicle Is Going 


A reputable towing business will ask you first where you want your vehicle to be towed.  You may have a preferred repair shop or mechanic that is nearby. Alternatively you may be close enough to home that you simply want to get towed back there while you make some more phone calls and figure things out. If you are not in a familiar area the tow truck driver may be able to make a recommendation however be cautious about this as there are municipal by laws that limit and regulate these kind of recommendations so you don’t get caught in some kind of scam.  Your insurance provider should be able to make a recommendation for a trusted service in the area if you’re not close to home.


Keep Your Receipts


The most insurance companies will fully reimburse you for all the costs associated with being towed so long as you provide them with original receipts you want to make sure you keep copies for yourself as well..


Though this is not an exhaustive list of what to do when you need to call for a tow following these simple tips will save you on overly stressing out and making decisions you might regret later when you find yourself in an unexpected in stressful situation.